How to use a prostate massager: step by step

How to use a prostate massager: step by step

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You want to try something different - anal play.But don't know how to make it? Here is a step-step guide.

Prepare work:

  • Clean Yourself

Start by using the bathroom (number two, of course) and subjecting your asshole to a good, old-fashioned anal douching. Finish by taking a long shower, using the toilet bidet or giving yourself a through sponge bath right before touching any sex toys to your bare skin.

  • Wash the toy

We all know what goes on through the back door. So, since the rectum can be an area containing bacteria, it’s anal play best practice to keep anal toys super clean. If constantly cleaning it is a pain, put a condom over the toy for quick clean-up. 

Regardless though, make sure your anal toys and fingers are sanitized before using. 

Let's do it:

  • Step 1 :Get warmed up 

Don't jump into using the prostate massager directly. You should firstly get warmed up with some arouse desire. It will help relax your sphincter muscles a lot easier.Perhaps watch something hot, begin by stroking your "man", or balls to get aroused – But don't get too close to climax, just focus on getting aroused before starting anal play.

  • Step 2 :Don't forgot Lube

We cannot stress this enough. A lot lube needed.

The anus is not like vagina,it is not self-lubricating. You need to bring a lubricant into the mix. Thicker gel-like lubricants is recommended as they are best at clinging to the skin and toys. 

Which means you need lube up both the toy and your anus. 

If you are feeling friction or pain, slow down and add more lube. 

  • Step 3 :With some gentle external stimulation first

Now, warm up the region with fingers and gentle pressure. 

You can use your fingers to apply light pressure around the anus or on the perineum (the area between the anus and scrotum) to get aroused and relaxed before moving on to penetration

(Top tip: Use lubed-up latex gloves for smooth finger play and fast clean up.)

  • Step 4 :Listen to your body and insert the toy slowly

Ok, now you feels good and ready to insert. 

With a lubricant anus and toy, gently coax the toy inside. Make sure the perineum stimulator is sitting on your taint (closest to your balls.) 

Listen to your body while doing this and DON NOT force anything. When you’re an anal toy newcomer you’ll need to take step by step.

Tip: If inserting is difficult try adding more lube and twisting the toy as you insert. 

Once you have inserted the toy comfortably, turn it on to the lowest setting and pay attention to the sensations. Take your time to feel if it's in the right position.

When you hit the spot, you will know it.

  • Step 5 :Place, play, and go hands-free 

The prostate massager is meant to stay in place and can have hands-free stimulation. If your toy has a remote control,once the prostate toy is inserted well, you have two free hands to do whatever you want like make love, masturbate, pleasure your partner, or just ride the wave with the massager remote control.

  • Step 6 :Explore positioning

There is no one right way to position yourself while stimulating the prostate. As you explore, you will find a position that feels comfortable and pleasurable to you. You can experiment with using a prostate toy while on all fours, lying across your partner's lap, lying on your side with one leg pulled up towards your chest, or lying on your stomach with your buttocks in the air. Some people also enjoy prostate stimulation while standing. Don't be afraid to try out different positions and find what works best for you.

Hope this step-step how to use prostate massager guide is helpful for you.Always remember these:use lube, take it slowly,listen to your body when every steps.

Start your prostate orgasm! Have fun.